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Billabong gives an access and opportunity to learn with International infrastructure and facilities to the students


Infrastructure & other facilities

  • Spacious airconditioned classrooms with a teacher-student ratio of 1:25

  • Wi-fi connectivity throughout the campus

  • Smart boards (Digi-boards)

  • Classrooms equipped with multimedia systems and LCD monitors

  • A library with a large number of national and international books, journals, magazines and periodicals

  • TPS App (Teacher, Parent & Student application software) A dance and music room to learn Indian as well as western dance and music

  • Audio-visual lab

  • Air conditioned buses with GPS to monitor movement and ensure the safety of the students

  • Sports Facilities

  • Swimming pools

  • Cricket and Football

  • Skating Rink

  • Karate

  • Safety officer & Safety Task Force

  • Female Assisting Staffs

  • Spacious fine arts and painting studio

  • Tab Lab

  • Computer Lab

  • Science Lab

  • Math Lab

  • Aero-modelling Lab

  • Amphi theater

  • Yoga

  • Volleyball

  • Tennis

  • Badminton

  • Table Tennis

  • An elevated jogging track

  • Horse ride

  • Indoor and outdoor playgrounds

  • CCTV Cameras

  • Medical aid team


Technology in the 21st century is an integral part of society. It is constantly evolving and it is impossible to think of life, without the usage of some form of technology. However, technology can be both a blessing and a curse; in a digital world , we have to be prepared to segregate the vast amount of information available, identify what is relevant and use it appropriately.

We make full use of technology, social media and other electronic communication tools for easier access of student feedback to parents. For this, we have setup an In-House Student Management Software with unique login credentials issued to parents to review their ward’s performance (report cards, periodic tests, attendance, health records etc.). Additionally, we have setup SMS alerts and a Call Centre services for quick access.

Computer Labs & Tab-Labs

Our campus is equipped with computer labs with ample PCs for students use as part of their curriculum. The computer laboratories are equipped with high-speed Internet access, as is the rest of the campus through Wi-Fi. BHIS has also introduced Tab-Labs to help students reinforce concepts taught in the classrooms. The school server maintains a broadband connection throughout the year. The essence of Anywhere – Anytime learning, is exactly what it says it is; the students have the opportunity to connect to the School Internet Server from their laptops , from anywhere in the campus. Whereas, the Computer Lab is open to anyone wishing to use the School’s technology. To ensure the impact of the digital learning, our helpful teachers are always available to clear the student’s doubts.


The hostel is a meeting point for the East and the West. Our hostel students are offered full fledged facilities and education, and encouraged to retain the best of Values. A friendly, caring and supportive environment; well-furnished and comfortable bath-attached rooms hot and cold water facility professionally

Swimming Pool

Swimming pools adorn the campus of Billabong High International School Cochin,which is one of the major speciality of our school. Our swimming pools are well professionally designed by an International Architectural Firm.

Horse Riding

At Billabong High International School Cochin,We believe that when students learn to control and care for an animal much larger than themselves can have a solid effect on their confidence.

Yoga Centre

Yoga is an integral part of the Bilabong High International School curriculum to gain spiritual, emotional and psychological control over the mind. Meditation classes, memory enhancement training etc to improve concentration.
Yoga Centre is lead by qualified yoga trainers.

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Admissions Open

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