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In Billabong, Children are not only trained in academics but also in Sports and Other Game Activities to help them to become an All Rounder everywhere.

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Sports in Billabong

At Billabong High we try to go beyond conventional schooling, we offer students a mix of activities around the year to sustain interest and develop every aspect of a child's personality. We are a unique school in the way we provide sports and games opportunities to our students. Our sports and games program rivals the best international schools in the world. The School have a team of expert coaches from various sports and games to train the students. The Sports and games program is conducted in the morning from 6 am to 7 am.

    Sports and
    Games Academy

    The activities we offer are as follows:
  • Cricket

  • Football

  • Basketball

  • Badminton

  • Table tennis

  • athletics

  • aerobics

  • swimming

  • net ball

The school encourages the students to participate in the program and is mandatory for all students. Students are excused only on medical grounds.

Arts and
Games Academy

The activities we offer are as follows:

Fine Arts is a part of everybody’s life. Fine arts is one of the best way to enjoy Life. Training in Fine arts is not early to perform but to enjoy too.

  • Performing Arts

  • Instrumental Music (Western & Eastern)

  • Painting and Drawing

  • Literary Arts

  • Debate

  • Parliament

  • Martial Arts

  • Entrepreneurship
    Development Academy

    The activities we offer are as follows:

    Leadership Academy

    We in Billabong believe that without some qualities like leadership one cannot survive in the present scenario of the world.

  • Life Science Academy
  • IAS Grooming Centre
  • Entrance Oriented Work Shops
  • Motivation Clubs

    Every student should be motivated and counseled to become an ideal patriotic citizen and to have Stress free atmosphere.

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    Admissions Open

    Admission Started for the Academic Year 2016 -17 for all Classes.